Healthy living and eating.

Healthy living and eating.

This is a blog where I want to make a break from the bad health habits I’ve formed over the  years and start eating right, exercising and taking better of myself overall.

I would absolutely love your involvement here if you have anything to offer.   My first post will be a kind of ‘Day#1′ dealing with where I am now, my weight, diet, habits and my general self-image.

The topics I hope to discuss with you, my betters, will cover a wide range; quitting smoking, helpful iPhone apps, product reviews, book reviews, recipes, alcohol, menu planning, sex, yoga, workouts, cycling/touring, adventure, bike panniers, heart-health, cleansing, motivation,  juicing, smoothies, work-out music and any other topics I can think of or any topics you might recommend.

A big Thank You, in advance, to all of you who take the time to stop in and say ‘Hi’.


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