5/26/2012 – Where am I now.

  1. Age: 40
  2. Height: 6’0″
  3. Weight: 206; Healthy Range = 147 – 184lbs. (Weight Watchers)
  4. BMI: 27.9 (BMI Calculator)
  5. Habits: Smoking (18 Years, 1pack/day), Drinking (Beer, Gin and Wine; avg 2/day)

There are my basic stats.   By the numbers, I don’t seem to be too far off; my target weight is actually somewhere around 167lbs, but I am sooo flabby, I have very little energy to do anything, I’m hoping a good diet will help me be a little more mentally agile and I have aches and pains.   I don’t always get enough sleep.   I’m constantly ‘clearing my throat’ – sound familiar, smokers?   Sometimes my heart doesn’t feel so good, and my Dad had a heart attack not too long ago, that has certainly contributed to my desire to stop abusing my body.

On the plus side, I commute to/from work everyday (5 days/wk) on my bike, and even though it’s only 3.5 miles, every little bit helps.   Very recently, I’ve begun to bike more on the weekends – looking for ‘something to do’ has led me to one of the local farmer’s markets with a really gorgeous ride to get there and I’m also discovering other bike-shops to umm, fix things (persistent flats, new pedals, etc.).

Also, on the plus side; I’m an employee of the university here.   This affords me some really awesome benefits – $10/paycheck for University recreation center, free access to a personal fitness trainer, free access to a nutritionist and a ‘smoking cessation’ program.

I’m in a good spot.

Now for some questions:

  1. One of my Facebook friends suggested a “Juicer Cleansing/Diet” based off of “Fat, sick and Nearly Dead“.  The movie was good, I thought, and fair.  And while ‘juicing’ does look interesting (I’ve had it before and was impressed), the costs of getting a good juicer is prohibitive – especially when there may be alternatives that would do the same thing (cleanse me out) that are a lot cheaper.    What do you think?   Have you ever juiced?   Would you recommend I bite the bullet and get a juicer – “Go for it!”?   What alternatives would you suggest?
  2. Another suggestion was Sisson, “Primal Blueprint”.   I got the book on my kindle, but I gotta say, being a skeptic anyway, I cringe every time he says “reprogram your genes”. That phrase in particular strikes me as a big red flag: “Hey, this book is full of quackery.. we don’t even understand basic genetics!”.   Am I being too skeptical here?  Anyone have experience with ‘going Primal’?   And also, while I’m being a negative-nancy, the average life-span of our distant ancestors was believed to be somewhere around 25 years old; thus, encouraging someone to match the diet of our early evolutionary ancestors to ‘prolong’ life and ‘promote’ health, seems rather counter-intuitive.. or, another way of saying it, just plain stupid.   Ok ok.. I’m going to read the book, but your thoughts are welcome.
  3. Do you have any quit-smoking stories/advice to share?   Would love to hear from you.
  4. Anyone wanna join me?   Accountability partners?   Team-mates?

See you on the next round:)


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