Dear Diary: 5.30.12

I’m four days older than my previous post.. *wink*.. other than that, not much has changed.   Oh!  Could I possibly be any more impatient??   

The past couple of days I’ve stayed off ‘sugary drinks’ completely and… my energy levels are still low, if not lower than before; I crash hard when I come home, but this might have more to do with not being disciplined with my bed-times.   You see, I get up at around 3:38am on weekdays.   My first ‘bell’ goes off at 3:25 and 2 ‘snooze’ buttons later, I have to get up for good, make the coffee, shower.. get going.   I probably ‘should’ be going to bed at 8, but I’ve set 9 as my target and then that gets pushed back to 10pm.   Yah, I need to fix that:(   

Something else I’ve noticed without really being on a diet, per se.. just avoiding breads/grains and no sugary drinks, is that I am really ‘snappy’.   While I still have an overall bright and fun disposition, it seems to take very little to make me lash out.   Once that’s done, I seem to recover fairly quickly, but still.. not cool and I’m not usually this touchy.

Before I go, let me tell you about one of my past-favorite foods and a related story:

My grandpa was, for all his foibles, a really great guy and quite the cook too.   His Mollasses Stack-Cake is the stuff of legend.   He was also the master of Nana-puddin’.   When I was a really little tyke, around 5 or 6, I had to have a hernia operation.   They put the mask over my nose and mouth and told me to try and blow up the balloooo… *knocked out*.   When I woke up, to the sound of some kid in the same ward crying, there was my grandpa with the biggest bowl of ‘Nana puddin’ I’d ever seen.   It was all for me.

Anytime I see ‘Banana Pudding’.. screw that – ‘Nana Puddin.. I think of my grandpa.   Funny thing is, I haven’t had it in years.. over a decade.   And it occurs to me just now, if I’ve ever had ‘Nana pudding since my Grandpa passed away.   I don’t think I have.. I don’t think I ever will.


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