Still going.. 6.7.12

Whoa it’s been a long time!

So I’m moving slowly and trying to incorporate what I learned from my Dietician; no soda (sugary drinks), no processed foods, slowing down while eating, watching my portions and planing out my meals.   While I haven’t lost any weight – still cruising at 206’ish – I feel pretty good and I’m having fun cooking for two.

The meal-planning advice was this; sit down with my wife on say, a Saturday, and split up the days of the coming week.   Once that’s done, plan out what you will prepare (for dinner), make your ingredient list and go shopping (for the entire weeks-worth of planned meals).   We did it.

Mustard Grilled Pork Chop with Apricot-Basil Relish

My first meal was Mustard Grilled Pork.   Delicious, fun and easy.   My second dish (tonight) was Chile Verde.

Chili Verde with Brown Rice

Full of flavor with south-western no, greatness!

While we still aren’t committed to breakfast or lunch planning (yet), I feel this is a good start and a great way to get used to this new life-style.   That said, we both are still making healthy choices for breakfast and lunch – it’s just not regimented like our dinner is.   Not yet, anyway.

Exercise:  I’m still commuting to and from work everyday (5 days/week @ 2.8 miles each way) and some really great news; my wife told me she wants to get a bike as well!   We’re pretty sure it will be a Fiji Absolute 3.0   This is a really affordable hybrid which we think will be perfect for commuting.   On weekends, I plan on breaking her in slowly (she’s a bit nervous about the whole thing) with a short ride to a local farmers market and perhaps along the river bike path (which is beautiful, btw).

Also, I’ve confirmed that prices are very cheap for University employees wanting to participate in the recreation center.   I could just get a general membership and go ‘free-style’ or pay a little extra for classes.  I’m thinking yoga or core-training, but I have a few weeks to decide; we’ll see:)   Suggestions?

Smoking:   Yes, I’m still smoking.   I have to re-establish my doctor-patient relationship in order to get a (free) prescription for Chantrix.   Apparently, it blocks the nicotene receptors in the brain, robbing smokers of the satisfaction of smoking – and at the same time, unveiling the disgusting habit for what it is.   It takes away the upside of smoking, leaving you with nothing but smelly hands, clothes and nastiness in your mouth.   Also, I have downloaded the Livestrong App, and plan on stepping down my allowances over 6 weeks.   Wish me luck.

I’m still reading the Primal Bluepring (Paleo).   Fairly interesting, enjoyable read.   We’ll see.

Thanks for following along – please feel free to comment, ask questions (I’ll do my ‘freshman’ best) or pass along any tips or preferences you have with any of the subjects I covered here; Diet/Healthy eating, Excercise (for beginners) or Smoking Cessation; I would LOVE to hear from you!


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