Live Strong

Specifically, on the ‘Smoking Cessation’ issue o’ mine.. I downloaded an app; “Live Strong“. So far, I like it.   Actually, Big thumbs-up.

I entered my information; age, first cigarette on waking, how long I’ve been smoking.. things like that, then I set a 6 week program for stopping by gradually cutting back from my current routine, one week at a time.

Smoking is pretty bad.   It kind of traps you (no no.. no self-pity here) by associating ‘itself’ with all kinds of other things you enjoy doing; driving, after a meal, while drinking (alcohol), first-smoke-‘o-the-day, etc.   If you do the one activity, you want to do the other – smoke.

On top of that, I have an appt next week with my Dr. and will hopefully walk away with a prescription for Chantix.   Working as a state employee, this is completely free – so hell, why not?!

I’m going to quit, one way or the other.   We can either do this the easy way, or the hard way – doesn’t matter.


One thought on “Live Strong

  1. Funny thing about this “Live Strong” app – I wasn’t exactly sure how many smokes I smoked a day; I knew it was less than a full pack, but didn’t know a more precise number -mebbe 3/4 a pack??? Anyway, I set myself up on 20/day (a pack). Then, when I smoked less than that, checking in at each smoke, the damned thing jumped me ahead a week and lowered my daily to 18/day. THEN.. when I smoked only 16/day, it jumped me ahead again.

    I’m really feeling the wall of ‘where it’s going to be a challenge now’.

    Still, good on them. That’s exactly what I need and I’ll stick to it.

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