Phase I: Getting into a new routine!

I may have mentioned before – My dietitian said to ease into a new life-style; pick one thing you can change and change it, get used to it, make it a part of your normal routine and then move on to the next thing.

My wife and I took her up on it.   We decided that instead of (ever) eating fast-food again, we would sit down and plan out one week of dinners – just dinners, mind you.   I lean more toward Paleo cooking (but not legalistically) and my wife is  just trying to be healthy-conscious.

That first week, we had Mustard Grilled Pork Chops with Basil-Apricot Relish, Everyday Paleo Chili Verde and some more fantastic dishes!   While it may not have been ‘optimally’ healthy, it met our goals of cooking for ourselves, staying away from fast-food and getting to know the challenges of preparing for a week’s worth of food-preparation.

Tonight we had Paleo Shepherd’s Pie, which I must say, was far-and-away my favorite dish.   I subbed potatoes instead of mushrooms because my wife just won’t eat mushrooms and the crust, made from 1 egg and boiled/mashed cauliflower was fantastic.   I can’t wait for lunch tomorrow *wink*.

Also, I’ve begun eating one slice of toast in the morning with some organic Peanut Butter – just a kick starter and to get into a breakfast-routine.

Some of my remaining challenges are to cut back on my drinking – I love Gin – and to stick with my quit-smoking campaign.   I plan on starting a work-out class a the rec center this week (thurs.), I have a check-up tomorrow with my Doctor, and a Health-screening with the university “Health and Wellness” department on Thurs.

Long-short: Things are happening.   I feel good.   My ultimate goal is something I found in the Paleo book, Primal Living, by Marc Sisson – “Live strong, drop dead!”.



3 thoughts on “Phase I: Getting into a new routine!

  1. I too am getting more health conscious as I get older. Gave up drinking a year ago, have mostly quit fast-food, and my next focus is improving eating habits. It’s hard to find quality help and advice with so many contradicting reports and diets so I’ve been doing things at my own pace according to my own common sense i.e. eat more real foods, no processed, pre-packaged crap, keep meat portions small etc. I don’t have a weight problem (if anything I’m probably underweight) but I don’t feel healthy and there’s plenty of room for improvement, and being more active is next on the cards after improved eating and (hopefully) increased motivation.

    So that’s me: ex-alcoholic, inactive, slowly making improvements. Looking forward to reading more of your posts (and I enjoy your other blog too).

    • Thank you for the comment – great hearing from someone. Me too; I’m definitely cutting back on alcohol (no more drinking during the week and really watching myself on weekends). Keep up the good work, man! I’m rootin’ for ya!

    • One more thing; I totally agree about the ‘wealth’ of info out there (overwhelming and contradictory) and I agree – we gotta do what’s right.. For us! I’m still leaning toward paleo and I’ll be sure to update. Let me know how your own path goes – would love to hear from
      you on this.

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