By the numbers!

So I had my health screening today and here are my numbers:

BP: 108/64 pulse: 52

Cholesterol: 108 (HDL: 37, TC/HDL ratio: 2.9)

Weight: 199.2.   (When I saw the weight-read on the scale, I had to do a double take.  I stammered, “Is that.. is that my weight?” (duh!)).   I know it isn’t a HUGE accomplishment by many standards, but for me, it was a mile-stone to be in the 100s again after spending my last 20 years in the solid 200s.   Encouraging, to say the least.

They said I was pretty healthy; that a good target weight is 185, that my smoking cessation plan was solid and that my diet was very good. But, they recommended strength training and overall a more well-rounded exercise routine. 

Going to sign up for Yoga tomorrow!


3 thoughts on “By the numbers!

  1. Good news about your results and progress.

    My weekend was a learning experience. I visited some friends in Sydney on Friday, drank a shitload of Coke and had a huge dinner of spicy sausages and mashed potato and ended up having the most painful night of acid reflux in my life. It was a harsh reminder to go back to less-indulgent habits, which I promptly did the following day.

    The irony is that if I was still drinking constantly it would have led to vomiting which I believe would have emptied out all the stomach acid and put an end to the reflux. Oh well, at least there was no hangover.

    • Hey Joe – Man! I can relate. I just got back from watching Ger vs. Den and while there I had an Oriental salad and 2 beers; the oriental dressing was soo sweet my stomach hurts:( And the beer? Ok, it was delicious (as always, yah?) but not exactly what I should have been drinking right before I bike-ride home. Who’s to say whether it was the beer or the super-sweet salad dressing that is making my stomach feel like I swallowed a sharp rock, but neither one is really good for me. Must learn moderation. Thanks as always for sharing – I love hearing from you people – you are the best!

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