Smoking cessation update

My 3-prong plan of attack: 1. Use the livestrong app, 2. Use the Ash-line support network and 3. Start Talking Zyban 10 days out from my quit date.
How’s it going? Well, I still have a few weeks before I start using the medication. I’ve thought about just ‘declaring’ myself 10 days out (ie – moving my quit-date up) and starting it now, but that’s just me being impatient. I’ll stay disciplined here and work through this.
The app has been fantastic (highly recommend ‘livestrong’) and I’m down to 13/day – the rubber is meeting the road at this point. Up to this point, I’ve come in under my daily allowance consistently, but yesterday I met my allowance for the first time. While this was bound to happen eventually, I can’t help but feel that my ash-line quit coach had something to do with it.
Let’s call him Dale. Our first conversation went rather well and he liked the things I was doing already. I even told him that I had been tempted to forgo the ashline because the other two tools seemed to be working so well. But, it made more sense to take advantage of ALL the resources available – so I called. And right before we ended the call, he gave me a challenge: each time I have a craving, set a timer and wait 15 mins. This is meant to disrupt (and eventually break) the habit. I started immediately and noticed two things; 1 – I was really anxious about each smoke, 2 – and after waiting each time, the smoke was not enjoyable, or as enjoyable, as it ‘promised’ to be while waiting.

Part of me argues that I still might have come under my allowance had I remained with just the app. Still, I also understand this won’t be easy and that eventually I will have to face some tough challenges.

“it matters not how straight the gate, how charged with punishment the scroll. I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul”


2 thoughts on “Smoking cessation update

  1. Hey Geoff! Great job with the lifestyle changes…stick with the smoking plan, it’s been about 2 months since my last cigarette and I don’t miss it at all anymore. Congrats on getting under 200…those milestones really help keep you on target. I’ll keep following your progress cuz it help me keep myself accountable on my nutrition and wellness goals as well!

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