Update: 7.9.12

Smoking: 1 smoke today… one tomorrow.. then, fini.   I’m confident:)

Diet: Still avoiding all the bad stuff (sugar, grains) but grazing all the time.  Holding steady at 190 (from my original 207) and people are noticing.  That feels pretty good, I must say.  That and my pants are bunching up around the waist-line:)

Exercise: Wife and I are doing Yoga now, twice a week.   Still riding my bike to/from work everyday and tomorrow I start a ‘couch to 5k’ program.   Busy busy.

Summary: I’m doing pretty good.   I feel great, but a little sore after Yoga tonight – I kept wanting to giggle for some reason.   Wife and are are learning all kinds of cool recipes like Paleo Mayo, fresh-made Salsa and Hummus, Almond milk and trying out new smoothie recipes too.   I like the new life I’m learning.. with each small step, I feel I’m gaining confidence to keep going.

Oh, and the word for the week: Stability



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