Update: 8.7

I haven’t had a cigarette since July 10th.   I don’t miss them.

Weight is down to 183.  Finally started moving again after being stuck at 187.

Yoga is kicking my ass and I don’t feel like I’m really loosening up – might need to start doing stretches outside of class.  (duh lol)

Also, I’m in week 5 of my ‘couch-to-5k’ cyclometer program (running).   Today was the first day of the week and that meant a new time-configuration; 5 min warmup, 3 min run, 3 min walk, 5 min run, 5 min walk, 8 min run and 5 min cooldown.   I was worried.   4 mins was tough last week and now I’m doing 8 minutes!?!

So I have a nice pair of New Balance shoes, some (short) running shorts; my iPhone is strapped onto my upper arm and the ear-buds are in.  I’m listening to Phedippidations Podcast (you really should check it out).   Anyway, I stretch out and start my walk.

“Laufen” my German speaking iPhone tells me after 5 mins, and I run.   I’m trying to concentrate; my eyes fixed about 15-20 feet ahead of me, watching my breathing and trying to find my stride.   You know the one.   Landing midfoot on the down-stroke – not too much heel and not tip-toeing either.   I’m learning.

You know, I actually look forward to running.   And that’s odd because I really feel like I’m suffering when I’m pushing my boundaries.   My breathing, toward the end of a stretch of time, is deep and ragged.   I sweat profusely.   I feel my quads and my hamstrings burning, just a little.   There’s this mental battle going on all the time.   It consists of focusing.   It screws me up when I turn to see something – even just shifting my eyes and POOF – my concentration is gone.   There’s the discipline too.   ‘Must keep going.’  ‘Don’t give up.’   ‘Only a little further.. one leg in front of the other.’   Yes, it’s really like that for me.

Despite all that and despite the butterflies in my stomach (little ones) when I strap on my shoes and head up to the university mall to run, I really look forward to it.. all of it.   And I have an eight minute stretch – longer than I’ve run in 20 years – and I push and push through.   My German-voiced coach sais “Walken” in dubious german after the time is up, and I slow down to a walk.   I lift my hands up and stretch my arms to the sky in victory.   I smile.


2 thoughts on “Update: 8.7

  1. Awesome! Couch-to-5k is how I got myself running. Today I did 3 miles at 5 mph…i thought I was gonna die but I do exactly what you do…keep looking forward, focus, one foot in front of the other…only 29 minutes left…omg I’m gonna die!

    • Keep it up Dave.. you do know that feeling; when you kept going and met your goal. It feels good, because you proved something to yourself.. I proved something to myself.. I wasn’t sure I could do it, but I did it anyway:)

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