1.15.13: Long time – No see!

Hey all.   Sorry it’s been SO long but here’s my update since about.. phew.. August of 2012.

I’m still smoke free.   That’s probably my biggest accomplishment, but there have been many more besides.   I’m still running, I’m healthy, I’m eating right.   Here are some stats:

Age: 41
Weight: 175 lbs.
BP (Sitting): 106/72
Pulse (Sitting): 74 bpm
– Allapurinol
– Zyban
– Vit D
– Vit C

Since last we met, I began using the Nike + Running app which was fun even though the GPS killed my iPhone battery. Then I got a pair of Nike + Lunarglide shoes with the sensor and switched over to the Nike + iPod application; much easier on the battery:) I had some issues with Nike + accounts and sending all the information from both apps to one account – Nike still hasn’t fixed this despite promise after promise. (They’re currently promising and then hoping – it seems – for me to just go away).
Disillusioned, I began using the Zombies, Run! App – which, though fun with a very good story-line and voice-acting, caused me to strain my left-knee while sprinting from zombies. Up to that point, I was running around 5 miles/day 5-6 days/week. A head-cold in December and some wear-and-tear left me dropping my mileage pretty significantly.

So, now, full-circle, I’m back to using the Cyclemeter app, logging my runs on dailymile.com under ‘Geoff S.’ (add me as a friend!). This app just keeps surprising me. Most recently, it’s been the Half and Full Marathon training – awesome! I started the half-marathon training today with an eye toward my first half-marathon way off in October. I’ll most likely complete the half-marathon training and do the full marathon training consecutively. Then maybe back to the half-training again leading into the event. Really looking forward to this:)

I’ve also run 3-5ks, 1-7k, 1-5miler and 1-10k since last we ‘spoke’.

Pretty pleased too that one of my long-time gamer-buddies has started running too. My life has been slowly changing, in some ways quickly, but despite all of my activity and the lip-service I get from my friends, not one soul has joined me for a race. To be perfectly honest, this is discouraging. So, to you my long-time-gamer-buddy-friend.. “Thank you for encouraging me!”.
To the rest of you I can only relate what one woman told me after the New Years Resolution 5k. In responding to my frustration that none of my friends were joining me for these runs, she said, “Then maybe it’s time to get new friends!”. Maybe, indeed lol.

In the near future I have a 4-miler this coming Sunday and will be scouring the race schedule for anything else I can jump in on.

There’s so much more I want to tell you, but I’ll leave that until next time.

Keep running guys – don’t ever give up!


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