UPDATE: 4.16

For what feels like the last 3 months, I’ve been stuck between 170 and 175; lately even up to 178.
I’ve been so active, it’s somewhat difficult to believe I’m not down to 165 (my ultimate goal) yet. Riding to/ from work (6 miles/day), running ~30 miles/wk, yoga 2x/wk; still not enough! While I do plan on upping my activity to prepare for Mt Lemmon half-marathon (first official one), I think the solution lies in my diet… Still.

Alchohol, specifically. I’ve been drinking too much in an almost daily basis. Sugar too and, yes! I admit it: GRAINS!
So here we go:
– alchohol on sat only.
– 1 bowl of oatmeal/breakfast per day (total daily grains)
– use sugar substitute/drink more water.
– no food after 6pm (1 carrot maximum)

Ill check back in next Monday or Tuesday.


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