Progress report!

I haven’t lost 100s of pounds.

There was no huge awakening, a heart-attack or some life-event that would make for a touching story.

In all respects, I’m just an ordinary guy who realized I was over weight and treating my body like trash.  But then, I decided to do something about it.

Quit smoking, went on a diet and lost about 35 lbs.   Started riding my bike to/from work and then I found a C25K program on my Bicycle app.   I’ve talked about this before, but briefly, I remember those first few training sessions.   Run for 30 seconds and walk for 1:30.  Do that eight times – and ya know what?   It was hard.   Slowly, the running time got longer and the walking got shorter and then, it disappeared completely.   There was no more walking – it was all running.   And it was still hard.

I signed up for my first 5k.   And it was hard.   I wanted to quit.   I shot out too quick and was dying, but I pushed through and finished.   Then I signed up for another one and another.   I started the 10k training program and signed up for one of those.   Once I finished the 10k, I started the half-marathon training and signed up for that.   Every run has been hard and every time I want to quit, but I push through and I finish.

I thought by now it would be easy.   It’s never easy.   I want to quit.   I’m losing my motivation and I’m having a hard time seeing my progress.   So today, I went looking for my motivation.   And here it is: 

10/13/12 Buckelew Farms               9:16 28:47
10/20/12 TMC Get Moving             8:39 27:29
11/28/12 Thanksgiving XC              8:06 25:12
01/01/13 New Years Resolution   8:15 25:39
01/27/13 Old Tucson XC                   8:29 33:56
03/17/13 Dave’s ALS                          7:44 24:01
04/20/13 Spring XC Classic            7:46 24:10
05/12/13 Tucson 5000                     7:34 23:30

I’m getting faster.   Man! it’s never easy, but the results are pretty plain to see; there are a few ups and downs, but overall, I’m getting faster and faster.   In 7 months I’ve shaved over 5 mins off of my overall time in 5ks.   How much can I shave off over the next 7 months?   

Will it ever be easy?   No, it won’t ever be easy – but if I just stick with it I should keep making progress and getting better.   

Thing is, you can do this too.   You so got this!   


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