By the numbers (Part II)!

First “By the numbers!” I did last April or May, I think and I have an update.

Yesterday, May 17, 2013, I went for another free health screening.   I want to share my numbers from back in April 2012 compared to my new numbers from  yesterday.   I’ll put the new numbers in a bold font to distinguish the two.   Here goes…

WEIGHT:    199.2     175.4                                                                                                     %Body Fat: 21.2     14.2                                                                                                                  BMI: 27.4   24.1                                                                                                                          Waist Circumference: 37.5     32

Blood Pressure:   108/64     125/71                                                                                            Pulse: 52     41

Cholesterol/HDL:    (total) 108     143                                                                                          HDL: 37     52                                                                                                                            TC/HDL Ratio: 2.9    2.8

Pretty happy with those results and I’m not sure I’ve ever been fitter.   I’m loving my resting pulse and the five inches I’ve lost in the waist area, June 16th (I think) will be my one year anniversary for quitting smoking and hopefully by that time, I will have run my first marathon.

I’m learning a lot on this journey about myself and how to make manageable goals and meet them.   How to manage my fears and over-come the obstacles of my mind.. the doubts.

Also, how important it is to support others who are working toward their own goals and giving them all the positive feedback they can handle.

Last, when I see someone who is fit and working out or running, I have a deep respect for what they are doing.  Perhaps part of who they are and what they are doing is a result of winning the genetic lottery, (perhaps not) but they are still out there sweating and taking positive action to realize their dreams and their potential and sometimes, perhaps most of the time, they came from much more humble beginnings than where they are now.   It’s easily conceivable that they came from a place where you might be right now.. and they took the first step, started out slow and stuck with it.   Look where they are now!

You can do it too!   I know you can!!


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