Weighing in at around 178.   I drink too much beer and brewing it doesn’t really help.. at all.

Still, and maybe because of this, life is very good.   I passed my 1-year non-smoking anniversary on July 10th and can honestly say I did it – not one single smoke of any kind, stripe or flavor.

I’m training for my first marathon Dec 8th and my long runs.. wow.. my long runs are climbing closer and closer to the 20s.   Last weekend I did 16 which was my longest run  yet.  This coming Saturday will be 17 – YEAH!   THIS is what excites me.  These daring  and audacious goals to do something I never considered, much less considered possible.  My mileage on the long runs will continue to climb to 19 miles before dropping back for a rest week and then hitting the 20s; I can’t wait.    On top of that, my Cyclemeter app (get it, it’s awesome) is giving me some speed workouts on Fridays, building my confidence by challenging the heck out of me.

I commit, I won’t quit!

Probably one of the greatest encouragements of all; my wife has started to run.   I was sure I hadn’t pressured her into it and was honestly surprised when she was a little dubious of that claim.   Sheeesh.. I can’t help it lol.    Still though, she doesn’t complain at all and I think she’s enjoying the challenge.   Now if I can just remember not to talk about running all the time maybe she’ll go full on ‘runner’.   But.. if she doesn’t.. that’s awesome too:)

On a different note – I’ve been curious how much money could be raised for “Stand up to Cancer“.   My grandfather died of cancer, my mother is a survivor and my cousin is a survivor.   I’d like to help out and I have this idea; A social-media flash-mob.   If I can put together a video presentation and request two things; 1. Donate to team ‘?’ and 2. SHARE, I wonder how much we could raise for this great group?

If you are at all interested, send me a PM and we’ll get you linked on either my twitter or FB feed.. then all you have to do is watch out for the launch and participate.  I would LOVE your help in this!

Stay strong all… and we will change the world, one step at a time!


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