Race season is here!

I’ve got butterflies already.   Race time, check.   Location, check.  Alarms set, food planned, coffee queued?  Check.. check.. check!

I have an 8-mile up ‘n down run through Saugaro National Park East tomorrow morning on Labor Day, 2013.   I ran 8 miles as part of my training program yesterday and it wasn’t that great, but I’m not really discouraged.. I want revenge.

Pre-Race report: New shoes (Altras) but I’ll wear my old shoes (Brooks Pureflow II) one last race before I start breaking in the new ones.  Health-wise I have a small hernia developing but the doctor says I can race and pretty much lead a normal life unless it strangulates.  If that happens, it’s off to surgery for me.   I’m looking at getting it done anyway sometime before Christmas break but after my early December Marathon.   For this race, I’m not too worried about it; no pain, discomfort.. it’s just there.   I’m still hovering in the 170-180 range and I feel pretty good.   Going to carb it up today and relax my low-carb diet until further notice; see what happens.

Today was supposed to be an off day, but I really felt like running and did a 5.2 miler. Started off too fast and failed to negative split.  That’s good stuff because it reminds me to start off slow, maybe pick it up around mile 4 and again on 6 to finish strong.   Cell phones/iPods are allowed but discouraged so I’ll run with just my HR monitor and no music or podcasts.   Can’t wait.

Thanks for following along, wish me luck and would love to start following other racers with race reports so hit me up with a message and let me know you’re out there:)


4 thoughts on “Race season is here!

    • Thanks:) Was a gorgeous run and while I didn’t set any land-speed records, I’m happy with my 1:11:00 time over 8 miles. I’m looking for more friends on dailymile.com if you’re using that one.. ? Either way, thanks for the encouragement and keep running!

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