9.5.13 UPDATE

The marathon training plan I was on ends this Saturday.. without me.   This Saturday I’m supposed to run the full 26.2 miles, intended to coincide with an actual marathon, but I would just be out there, on my own.   That doesn’t seem like a good idea to me and reason is going to win over that macho voice in my head that says, “Oh c’mon, pull your panties up and get out there!”.

Instead, I’ll be joining a local group on their long run Saturdays and one evening run during the week.

In DIET news, I’ve started eating grains again..again.  Oatmeal in the morning with raisins, a little sugar and some cream, Cliff bars, which I love, and the occasional sandwich or pizza. This seems to have had a negative effect on me, despite my hopes that the grains might be ok for me.   Gassy, bloated, flabbier, diarrhea and irregular.

Just what am I looking for, anyway?   What do I want?  What are my goals?   I keep reading these testimonials about how this kind of eating or avoiding this kind of food completely helped other people to have boundless energy.   I lost a bunch of weight on Paleo fairly quickly but I never had the energy that others reported.  My eating habits are usually to graze all day at work with a ziploc bag of almonds, raisins, cashews, chocolate bits and sometimes peanuts, an apple and a Cliff bar.   Two cups of coffee and as much water as I can take in; usually 2-3 Liters.

Sleeping?   Hell, I’m tired all the time.   I sleep from between 8-9pm and wake up around 3:30am every workday so that might be a clue right there.   I usually take a nap of about a half-hour to an hour around 2:30-3pm every work day.

I run between 35-40 miles a week in addition to biking to/from work (3 miles/each way) and yoga 2 times a week.

Physical condition is run-down.   I have two bad shoulders from old dislocations years ago that become pretty painful on long runs, Osgood-Schlatter disease on my left knee which barely registers or bothers me and I currently have a hernia which has stayed quiet and out of the way so far.   I have some kind of tendonitis in my left elbow (inside-elbow) that makes lifting things a certain way quite painful but also barely registers on my runs.

Oh, and my teeth are horrid; I sometimes wonder if I’m sapping my bodies defenses by all the crap going on in my mouth?   Dentists are painful and too god-damned expensive; Even with state insurance.  I’ll need to plan a trip to Mexico soon to get it taken care of at a reasonable rate.

My heart-rate get’s too damned high with too little exertion, I’m heavily water-dependent and can easily and quickly sweat buckets.

I’m pretty sure that’s everything.   Good start to sitting down and planning out actions to take on these different issues.   Some of them are already in the works.

Any advice or information you might have are welcome as well.   Thanks much and looking forward to hearing from you:)


One thought on “9.5.13 UPDATE

  1. Ran the 16 today with the new group and got to spend a lot of time picking the brainz of one of the coaches while we ran – was actually pretty awesome.
    One piece of advice he gave me regarding the Marathon was to pick some kind of mileage that I felt comfortable that I could do in pretty much any condition, 3 miles? 5 miles? Subtract that from the 26.2 and that’s your goal.. you get there and the rest is just cruising (because those are miles you know you can do). A kind of ‘mental cookie’ but we runners have to come up with elaborate ways to fool our brainz, don’t we:)

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