One of those thoughts…

Have you ever seen one of these accidents?   I have.  Today, on my mid-long run, I saw a car hit a cyclist at a traffic-circle intersection.   The cyclist was already ‘in’ the intersection when the car was approaching, slowing down to presumably look ‘both ways’ before speeding through the yield sign.   Unfortunately, as has already been mentioned, the cyclist was already ‘in’ the intersection.

She hit her.   The young woman rolled up onto the car, hit with enough force to shatter and indent a spot on the right side of the windshield, before rolling off again and onto the ground.   I couldn’t help it, I blurted out, “Oh my god!” and raced over to the cyclist.  “Are you ok?!”.

She looked at me and was practically scowling in the direction of the driver, but the answer was slow in coming; she was already in shock.

Another passer-by stopped and dealt with the cyclist while I got on the phone with 911.   In that brief moment, we strangers came together, worked together, to watch out for one another.

The cyclist probably never entertained the thought that she was going to be hit by a car today.   Certainly, the driver never thought she would smack into a cyclist; she kept muttering off to the side, “I’m so sorry.. I’m so very sorry!”.

It was one of those thoughts; you just can’t expect the unexpected and you never know what life might do.


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