Excuse: My shoulders

They’re trashed.   Both times, in softball no less, I dislocated each one about 2 weeks apart.   Sublexated, to be technical about it.   I didn’t do any Physical Therapy for either one and now, I regret it.

My shoulders are weak.   When I got a membership at the Student Recreation Center at the University where I work, I went in and tried to do a simple pull up.   As soon as I let myself down, in the hanging position before pulling myself up, my shoulders slipped out; both of them.   It wasn’t painful, not too much, but it made lifting myself up almost impossible.   The angles in the joints were all wrong; weak.

Challenge: How am I going to participate in a Spartan Race/Sprint if I can’t even pull my body weight up using a rope or bar?   

Solution: I will slowly build strength until I can get to the point of pulling myself up, once.   If I must, I will build the strength needed to be able to train for the strength needed to pull myself up once.   I will run and if I cannot run, I will walk.  Failing that, I will crawl.   Eventually, I will achieve my goal.

Help me?   What suggestions or expertise can you offer that would be a good beginning point in training myself and building the joint strength as well as the supporting strength to be able to lift myself and do one or many pull-ups?   

I want to hear from you!   Failing that, I will go forward on my own and I will succeed, without you.   With you is better:)



One thought on “Excuse: My shoulders

  1. I overdid it yesterday. A friend of mine gave me some exercises to do at the gym to strengthen shoulders and the supporting cast (Back, chest, arms) and I did them on Tues. Really tore myself up. Usually, when I work out like that, I don’t feel it the next day.. I feel it the two days later. Today, I feel it.. ergo.. tomorrow is going to be hell lol.

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