“Just 30 minutes”

Not much time, is it?  Half an hour?  Phhht.

When I asked my wife about her run, that was her response to me: “It was just 30 minutes”. I could hear the shrug in her voice.

Pretty cool, huh?   A couple of months ago, thirty minutes was Mt. Everest.   Unimaginable. And here she is, reeling off a thirty minute run with a shrug.   Now don’t get me completely wrong here; she did quickly follow that with, “It was still hard” but that vanitas came too late – she can run thirty minutes and she knows it.

She also said that she can remember when TWO minutes was difficult and ominous.

Guys – you got this.  You CAN do this.   Whether it’s two minutes or 4 hours, if you put the time and commitment into it, you will eventually reach your goals.   Brush whatever excuses present themselves right to the side and keep going.  Get out there and get after it.. you WILL succeed.

Don’t believe me?   Just look at my wife.   She inspires the hell out of me.. how about you?


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