When I first started losing weight, the last weight I came in at was 207.   I wasn’t weighing myself everyday, but the heaviest I had gotten was around 230; waist size 36 and pushing 38’s.. YIKES!

My employer offers free health screenings once a year and I decided to take advantage of it.   They took my blood, did some steps and at some point, I stepped on the scale; one of those fancy ones you have to be barefoot for – so they can send electric signals through your body and determine your body composition.   But then it happened.. I looked down and the scale read 199.   I swear I almost cried.   I hadn’t been trying all that hard and for the first time in a very long time, I was under 200.

I was pretty hard-core Paleo but it didn’t feel difficult since I was told (I read) that I could eat ANYTHING I wanted ANYTIME I wanted so long as I stayed away from grains, legumes, peanuts, dairy and processed foods.   Meat was on the menu.. vegetables.. fruit.. nuts.. seeds.. EAT EAT EAT.   And EAT I did.   I ate ALL day, whenever I wanted, as much as I wanted and I.. was.. still.. hungry.   RAWR!

Still though, to be completely fair and in the interest of full-disclosure; I didn’t cut beer or alcohol and I still consumed coffee with sugar.   Regardless, after around 35 lbs, I leveled off at ~175.   I just couldn’t seem to reach my goal of 165.   I kept trying but nothing was working.. I was stuck at ~175 and finally concluded, ‘Hey, 175 is great!.. Good job!’.   

After probably nine or ten months, I finally cut coffee.. and more importantly, sugar.   I went with Tea and honey for my breakfast drink and had been having a bowl of oatmeal (grains, I know) for breakfast over the past several months.   My running mileage has been creeping up – long runs of 22 miles and my weekly mileage is still around 40 miles/week.   I’ve been lifting and still doing Yoga at least once a week.   All that said.. today…?

I weighed in at 165 for the first time since.. high school?   Crazy.   

Now my weight fluctuates quite a bit.   Sunday after the race, the many beers at Old Chicago watching football and quite a bit of ‘bad’ food (pizza).. I weighed in at 180.   Today, just three days later, I’m 165.   

Don’t tell my wife!


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