An encouraging word.

ImageOne of my marathon group-members sent this along, and it’s comforting to me.

I find myself thinking about the upcoming marathon a lot.   Less than one week away.   All this time and training, and I’m almost there.  Time to put up or shut up.  Go big, or go home.   Ok, maybe not that hard-core, but you get the drift.

Can I forget about the time while I’m out there?   People have been asking me if I’m ready and you know, ‘I think I can actually break four hours on my marathon debut’.   I can program my phone to yell at me when I go faster than a certain speed, and to yell at me to speed up when I’m going slower than a certain speed – say, >9:30/pace and <8:30/pace or something like that.

But the main thing is, getting into that groove.   Feeling the pavement, my legs turning over, foot-address, bicycle pedal through and extend a little.  Wind in my face.

Sweat and sun in my eyes.    My breath.   All of these movements, reactions, cycles moving simultaneously, propelling me forward.

My heart.   Joy.   Back-of-neck hairs raised up simply because I’m alive.

Pain.   Upset stomach, twinge in my knees and my shoes don’t feel right.   Legs are heavy and tired and I’m so sore.   The mantra has been playing until it’s all but played out; ‘One foot in front of the other, keep going!’.   Mind over-riding body, but for how long.     – I’m racing against myself.   This is what it means.

My competition is against myself.  Who will quit first?  Who will blink first?

I’m going to go out and have fun.   Smiles, joy and a positive attitude.


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