For the record.. (Musings on my first marathon)


I could have done better.   Of course, we can all say that when we accomplish something.  After all, only we know intimately what was going on with ourselves the whole time we were in ‘it’.  In my case, I knew that I wasn’t feeling my run or finding my rhythm.  I knew this very early into the race; maybe by mile 6-8 I knew it was going to be a ‘hard run’.   Only I had that inkling that my body wasn’t dialed in – whether that was diet or they way I tapered (not much tapering) or a combination of many things; something just wasn’t right.

The tell-tale signs of this were the many times I walked toward the end there.   Sure, that’s going to be a combination of a lot of things; diet, readiness, mental toughness, conditions, etc., but make no mistake – I wasn’t fully prepared for what lay ahead.   And that is all on me.

Now I’m not mad or looking to lay any kind of blame at all.   I’m thrilled with my marathon and have no regrets, at all.  Even the mistakes were my own way of experimenting and pushing the boundaries of what I’d been coached to do.  I didn’t listen, and I knew I wasn’t listening, but I did it anyway because I didn’t think it would hurt me that much.   Aaand.. to be honest, it actually didn’t hurt me that much after all.

It’s just, I could have done better.   That’s all.

So, learn.

  • Next time, I’ll taper to a ‘T’.
  • Next time, I’ll be better prepared and disciplined with my fueling.
  • Next time, I’ll be mentally tougher than I was before
  • Next time, I’ll smile more:)

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