Inspiration wheelies!

Inspiration because, inspiration.   Wheelies because they’re fun, dangerous and exciting.. aaand they involve wheels… that go ’round …and ’round.

On October 20th, here in the Pueblo we had a race – The TMC Downtown 5k and Half-Marathon!  I put a shout-out on reddit (/r/Tucson) to see if any local redditors were going to be at the event and of the two responses I got, one was from someone who was just starting his C25K program.  He wasn’t going to be at the event but planned on something further down the line.

Something about his short little note inspired me.   I messaged him with an encouraging word of my own and a brief history of where I’d come from.  He replied with his own history and the steps he was already taking to make the change.   Quitting smoking, change of diet and walking/running – he had already lost 25 pounds!   

It certainly pays to have as many of those affirmative, positive and supportive relationships as possible.

Well today (12/11/2013) he just messaged me out of the blue; he completed his first 5k after finishing the C25k program.   That kind of hits home for me.   Success, mine or someone else’s is dramatic and inspiring.   When someone accomplishes something, that really ripples out to those around them and everyone is watching.  

Some wonder and some remember.

Honestly, could you stop yourself from that spontaneous, childish, unfiltered and unfettered inspirational wheelie?   Really?


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