Mr. Baseball’s road to recovery – A guest blog by F.A.

F___ has always been an inspiration to me.   When I first met him, somewhere along the time of his first paragraph in this blog, he had trouble walking as his body was really weighing him down. But then something happened, and from my spot in the crowd I saw a man transforming himself; losing the weight and eating right.  This New Yorker, die-hard Mets fan and a guy who just loves life has been a real inspiration to me and I’m really flattered and honored to have his contribution to my blog.   Thanks buddy!

In August of 2010 I went for a physical at my primary care physician. Checking in for my appointment I weighed 353 pounds. My blood pressure was with in norms for my age. Currently I was taking medications for irritable bowel disease, and type 2 diabetes. Upon reviewing my fragmented medical records it was discovered I had not had any blood work done since 2001. I had blood work orders made up and went to have my blood work done. A week later I had a follow-up appointment with the blood work results. Fasting blood sugars were over 400 and my A1C was 12+. My diabetes was totally out of control. It was then told that “if I did not seriously get my house in order I needed to look for another primary care physician”.

That was when I realized I had no choice but to make some changes. I was referred to a diabetic educator who upon my first appointment “ripped” into my four day diary and told me that although I was basically eating the right “foods” their contents were not good for diabetics. So, gone went bleached enriched white and wheat flour, white potatoes, white rice, bananas, portioned whole fruit, diet soda, and only 3 grams of sugar per serving. I was given a paperback book, published in 1999, titled “Sugarbusters, The Shoppers Guide”. I use this paperback book as my “Bible”. Essentially I had to learn how to read labels, and make right choices. It was a challenge in the beginning.

So, on August 19th, 2010 I ate my last “bad” meal and began refining what ingredients I could eat for my meals. It has been a learning experience. My next set of blood work, in December, showed significant improvement. Fasting glucose was 210 and my A1C was a hair over 7.0. My weight was a bit under 300. In March my blood work kept improving. Fasting glucose was 110, and my A1C was 6.4. Now there was talk into seeing about eliminating my oral diabetes medications.

I continued to eat smart, making wise choices, and planning my meals. I asked questions all of the time and continued using my “Bible” as a reference. Oh and my weight was down to 275. Now the rewards began to materialize. In June, 2011 my fasting glucose was 95 and A1C was at 4.9. My weight was at 263. As a result I was taken off of my diabetes medications. It was now totally being controlled by diet. What a rewarding feeling that was.

Exercising mainly was aerobic during this time. Between the exercise bike, elliptical bike and the recumbent bike I was pedaling 4-5 times a week at 30-35 minutes.
In May 2012 we finally joined a gym. Along with the membership came two training sessions a month at no charge. Whatever miniscule knowledge I had about weight training was quickly put to rest. I was able to have a very energetic, knowledgeable, and motivated personal trainer orientate me. In the beginning she set me up with a very basic weight training program so to slowly train my muscles and get definition, memory, and strength. My personal trainer developed multiple weight training programs mingling large muscle and small muscle groups. She made these weight training regimens challenging and fun. As I started this mix of aerobic, exercising and working out my weight finally stabilized to 245. My fasting blood glucose stays between 85-105, my A1C is at 5.7 and I have drive, energy, and motivation to keep me in a very good shape thru continued diet, exercise and work-outs.

Did you catch that?  Over 100 lbs. lost and now he’s off diabetes medication and able to regulate his numbers simply through diet!   Way to go – that’s tremendous!


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