You are so totally worth it!

i medically retired in 2004 when my diabetes got out of hand and I was struggling to control it. I thought things would be ok but boy was I wrong. In October of 2005 I was placed on dialysis because my kidneys started to fail. In 2006 I fell off my roof and shattered my right heel and because of the diabetes the doctors said nothing could be done to my heel. In 2006, November I lost my eye site and had 6 surgeries to regain my sight. 2008 a doctor said he could repair my foot and I went for it. Then my oldest daughter got married in 2009 and i found out that I had a blood infection from the two surgeries I had to repair my leg and it almost killed me. October 23 2009 just a month after my oldest was married I lost my right leg below the knee because of a doctor who thought he was better than he was. After 5 years of dialasys I recieved a transplant of a kidney and the pancreas. I am now not considered a diabetic any more or any less. One year after loosing my leg I got an infection on my stump and had to have surgery to clean it out. 8 Weeks in a wheel chair and 8 weeks on IV antibiotics. 2 years later the wound was still not closed so I had surgery to closethe leg but my luck, a new infection found, the doctor performed a revise amputation and I am in a wheel chair again till about mid November. Through all of this I found out how much my wife will do to keep me around and how much God means to me as well. Oh did I mention the cancer scare in 2012, turned out negative. Now for the possitive. My second daughter M____ will be graduating from the UofA in 2014 and my son D____ we adopted in April of 2012. He has been with us since he was 4, he is now 7 yrs old and M____ will turn 21 this year. Some story Hu! Remember, I can do all things thriugh Christ, Who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13

This was a post on my FB wall recently.   It immediately brings to mind some of my family members; they’ve gained some weight.   Heavier than I’ve ever seen any of them.   And here, this post, details what they have a good chance to look forward to in their futures.

Enjoy that sugar.  Enjoy all those grains.   Trash food and fast food galore!

This posts, in my opinion, perfectly captures the attitude of someone who has given up.   They know on some level where the blame lies, but when relating their tale, it will never be a confessional; “the doctor who thought he knew more than he knew” screwed up.   Or, “My diabetes got out of hand” (Passive voice).   Sure he goes on to say how he couldn’t get it under control – a nice conciliatory mea culpa but it’s more of a footnote to the pre-eminent point.

How’s this?   You take responsibility each and every time!    You want to make excuses but don’t you realize:

We will ALWAYS find excuses to do the things we WANT to do.. always.

This works both ways.   We do things that make our bodies get bloated and swollen because ultimately, when all those little choices between eating that cheese-cake or those twinkies.. or even when bad food comes up against eating something healthy like a bacon/burger salad with blue cheese crumbles and no dressing or even a steak, fried egg (olive oil) and sweet potato fries (home-made).. we always choose the Fritos.   We’re like alcoholics telling ourselves we can cheat just this once.. one beer isn’t going to hurt.   While that technically may be true, you break the seal of trust and it’s easier to do next time, and next time.

And excuses are always within easy reach because we will ALWAYS have an excuse to do the things we WANT to do.

But when we choose to win those little battles, one at a time and plan for contingencies.. when we are flexible and focused on what we CAN eat and we realize that the things we crave are the things we’re addicted to, we will always find the excuse to do what we want to do, as well.    Because the bigger picture is greater than my immediate satisfaction.   Because I’m sick of being sick.   Because I’ve been successful for so long and success breeds success.    Because one failure isn’t going to ruin the whole thing!   Because I’m human, I fail and I keep going!   Because I’m worth it.

Maybe it’s easy for me to be blunt.    Maybe I’m not blunt enough.   Would I be more of a loving brother if I confronted my sister and said the mean-sounding things I feel she needs to hear or would it be better to continue singing along with the choir?   Should I wait until her ‘diabetes gets out of hand’ or she finds herself at the mercy of a doctor ‘who thinks he knows more than he knows’ before I speak up?

we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends ~MLK

And while I don’t subscribe to any religion or dogma, for those who do, isn’t it wrong on some moral level to trash the temple you have been given?   You have this body, with which you can do amazing things and you believe it to be a gift from your creator, and yet, you fill it with crap, you don’t keep it in top-notch condition, you consistently take the easy road and always try to make it completely comfortable.   You consistently and always seek a life of ease and idolize a life of leisure; indeed, it is part of the promise for your eternity after this life.   Nothing I can think of would betray your belief in a god more than a fat and swollen body.   Nothing.

Oh but the excuses come, don’t they?   Anger and bitterness, frustration and decades of disappointment, failure and doubt.   Or, some of you have gone long enough to learn a little trick; don’t deny any of it.   It’s ALL true.   ‘And there’s nothing you can do about it’.   That last part is a lie, by the way.

So let’s try a little experiment.   Whoever is reading this right now, what is the first thing to come to mind if I tell you that you have to run a Marathon within in a year?

What excuse was it for you?    Too heavy?   Too old?   Too many medical conditions?   Legs amputated?    All of the above?    Whatever it was, it was an excuse to do what you WANT to do, wasn’t it?   For the most part, there’s really nothing stopping most of us from walking.  Just walking around a local High-School track a couple of laps three or four times a week.   Maybe after a week or two, you add another lap and build up to four laps (a mile). Maybe you slow jog one lap out of four, then two – maybe alternate walking a lap then running a lap.   Keep building until you can jog all four laps.   Keep building.

There will always be excuses, but stop thinking of them as something that gets you out of your self-imposed obligations and think of them as ‘Challenges’ to be faced.. conquered.

And it’s really hard to do any of this alone.   The ones closest to you have to support you too.   They absolutely must be totally on board – or they will sabotage you and make you feel like a failure; enable you to fall back into old habits.   How many of your friends enable you to keep nursing this unhealthy life-style?   Take a carpet-bombing or shotgun approach; take advantage of every little program, trick, hack, planning, support group you can find.   Be vocal, loud and persistent – it feels like pride and arrogance – but chronicling your journey will help you.   Your true friends and relationships will enable your new life-style and draw inspiration, strength and courage from you.   This will motivate and encourage you even more.   And those who are not ready to let go will find affirmation with others in a similar place; while you may remain friends, they are dangerous to you in your progress and will drag you down.

Karen didn’t take any time to answer me when I complained about not being able to get my friends to join me in these races; “You need to get new friends!”.


I don’t know how to do this.  How to talk to my family when it comes to health and wellness or the lack thereof.   If you read this, forgive me where I haven’t been kind enough, too judgmental or just plain mean.   It would be a personal dream come true to see my family embrace a healthy lifestyle together and fully realize what has been, up to this point, a life-long struggle.   The long process of training for something and then accomplishing the goals you set our for yourselves is completely worth it.   It bleeds into your entire life and the hard-fought analogies can be great sources of strength, courage and forgiveness in anything you do.

In a worse case scenario, they will continue on their path, treating themselves like they have no intrinsic value, and their bodies will continue to slowly fail them.   Don’t let a toe amputation be your wake-up call.

  1. Sit down, take a pen, and schedule your workouts for the week – whatever they are.
  2. Check online for workouts that will fit you.  (, C25K (couch-to-5k) training programs, youtube, local gym (spinning classes)
  3. List the types of foods you want to eliminate and in which order. (sugars, grains, processed foods, fast-food)
  4. Look for motivation wherever you can get it.  (, friends and family)
  5. When you fail, like getting a flat tire; don’t slash the other three tires!   Keep going.
  6. If anyone laughs at you, ignore them.   Don’t let your self-consciousness chase you back into the shadows – this is YOUR daylight, so hold on tight and keep going!
  7. Check out motivational podcasts like “Marathon Training Academy“, “Mother Runners
  8. Read, research, read.   Fact-check me because I’m no expert!

Coming up with your own routine is rewarding in and of itself, but make sure to ask at regular intervals of your training, “How is that working out for ya?”.   If you’re still not seeing your goals being met, don’t quit; add more workout or cut one of the food-types.. mix it up. Keep playing with it until you start seeing results.   It might take a week, month or even a year but if you maintain a can-do attitude as you refine your personal approach – begging, borrowing and stealing where ever you can, you will make progress.

You have what it takes.  And you are so totally worth it!


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