They told me I would fall.

Well, they were right.

Never mind that this was a known risk of running with a phone instead of a Garmin or some other easier to see device.  I’ve seen others fall, and somewhere in the back of my mind that asshole part of me chimes in with what they could have done to avoid it; read – what they did wrong.

But today I fell.   Running along in the group, all silent when I decided to plug in my music. In the road-side bike lane in the dark, fiddling with my iPhone on my left arm – misstep on the berm, twisted ankle and banged up knee.

Everyone stopped.   Such kind good people.  “Oh, I’m fine!  Just need to walk this off”.   Matt gave me his number, just in case I needed help.   Walked for a few and pain began to subside.  Really, it was hard to tell which was more injured, the ankle or the knee.   So, let’s see, shall we?

Started running.  “Ah.  There.  That’s not too bad”, I thought as I started to zero in on my stride.   It really wasn’t that awful either.  I felt it, but I wasn’t limping or anything.   So the natural question is, “Can I catch up to the group?”.   No real reason to push too hard but maybe if I can get a good clip going.. maybe just push a little, in time, I could catch them.   We were going around 10/mile before I fell and I’ve run 8/mile in a half marathon – see?  9/mile should do the trick.

And I did.  Really beautiful cadence.   Saw the flash of light way up ahead – “AHA!  There you are!”.   Sticking to my pace, though.  Nice, smooth turn-over.  Feet stealing kisses from the pavement.  Hips opened up and arms treading water, swimming me forward in a well-timed doggy-paddle.

Hard to believe I had Inguinal Hernia surgery on December 20th.   The surgeon, the procedure and my fitness must have conspired to give me a really smooth turn-around; the next day I walked 5 miles.   It only really hurt when I climbed into/out of bed or cars. Things did turn purple and certain things may have swollen to the size of a lemon, but there was no pain.

My training fell.   For two weeks; “No running!” – Doctor’s orders.   I complied by walking three times instead.

I got back up.


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