Your name on our lips. Rest in Peace; Meg Menzies

Who were you?

What cute little things did you say when you were a little girl and what was your favorite color?   Who got your first kiss?   Did you have any sisters or brothers?   What was it that really made you mad and what made you happy?   Did you love chocolate like I do?   Or Starbucks?

Where did you meet your husband?   Was it ‘love at first sight’ or did you have to warm up to him?   Did he win you over with a lop-sided smile or contagious laughter or was it a healthy blend of intellect, respect and everything else we love in the ones we love?   I bet there’s a story there.

Did you see your mother or father when you looked in the faces of your children?  Did you see yourself or your husband?   Did you cry when you first found out you were expecting?   And the second or third time?   Your husband?   How warm the embrace.

What made you want to run?   Were you competative?   What was your favorite shoe or outfit?   Why did it matter to you?

But today, we lay you to rest, Meg Menzies.   Sister-runner.   Daughter-runner and Mother-runner.   Wife-runner.   Runner.   With bruised hearts and sore feet, we lay our feet down, one after the other; we lay you down.

Meg Menzies!   So many fresh new miles, smiles and rememberings.   Look!  They run.   They haven’t run in years.   They never ran before, but they are running with your name on their lips. Gasping through the cold winter winds with frosted eyelashes and bright eyes. There is no room in their hearts for excuses; you filled them up with love and memories and there’s no more room for anything else but miles and smiles.   They run with furry friends and old friends and both at the same time.   They run heavy and light.   They run on young legs, weak legs and old legs that have no business there, they run!   LOOK, OH LOOK how they run!

Your husband wrote, “Every time I lace up my running shoes, it will be for you.”

What we know about you is not much at all and yet, it is enough; you loved to run and we’re honored to be able to run with you and for you.   Rest in peace, dear sister.   With each breath, and stride we will carry your memory forward.



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