Finding my bus stop.

Quick update on my progress or health-status.

Weight: 174, smoke-free since 7.10.12 and still running strong.   Had an inguinal hernia operation 12.18.13 which healed remarkably well with very little discomfort or pain.  It did require that I not run for two weeks (I could walk though) and no lifting >25lbs.   No problem.

Should be able to post my third ~50 mile/week and I’m well ahead of my 2,014 miles/year goal for ’14.   Things are going well.   For me.

My wife and I are still doing yoga twice/week but we moved it around to Wednesday and Thursday.  We wanted to try Bikram yoga, which is a really hot yoga and our first session was a week ago this past Wednesday.  While I was very conscientious of my water intake that day, I still posted a 10 mile run earlier in the day before biking down to the Yoga studio and practicing.   That, was a big mistake.

The room was sweltering hot and humid, mats lined up three deep (usually only two deep) and inches apart; the place was absolutely packed.   We began and while the poses aren’t challenging in themselves, not too much anyway, the heat was oppressive.   About half-way through I had to leave.   I went into the front area and laid down until the feelings of nausea and light-headedness passed.   Then, I just lay there the rest of the time until it was all over.

This past week, while riding down on Wednesday to the Yoga studio, I was thinking about the imminent practice.  I had hydrated well (again) that day but this time I took the day off of running so that I was fresh and well rested.   Still, I was a little intimidated at the challenge ahead and something our Yoga instructor does struck me; bus stops.

When you’re going into a pose, you have places that you can stop and hold if the next movement is too hard or beyond your strength of flexibility at the time; it’s a bus stop.  It’s perfectly alright to stay there, working there and – this is the part that really struck me – accepting that this is where you are at.   Accept it.   Smile.   Accept.

There isn’t even a need for forgiveness – no offense was given or received.   It just is what it is; completely without judgement or any shade of condemnation.   It’s ok to get off at this bus stop.   It’s alright to accept that this is where you get off.   This is no competition.   You have taken yourself to the honest limits of your current abilities for that day and for that practice and you can smile and celebrate that this is where you are.

Our lives are filled with bus stops, aren’t they?   They’re so easy to blow right by as we push ourselves to do things we shouldn’t be doing.  Sometimes, we find that we’ve stayed at a bus stop too long and just one time we try to move on to the next one and find that we we’re able to go there without killing ourselves.   We find that things are within our reach that we had ruled out previously – that’s where honest effort comes in.   Finding your bus stop, honestly, means to at least try and reach the next bus stop; if you can’t do it then stay working where you are.   Sometimes though, we might just surprise ourselves.

Keep working, keep practicing!   Find your bus stop, and stay working there!   Namaste!


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