Slashing our tires

We all fail.

Everyone single one of us can make a strong case of our failures, I imagine.  I know I can. But I don’t.

I refuse.

What is most important about failure is NOT what you did to get there but what you do next.   Understanding how you got there is important, sure! but you are now at a cross-roads; will you throw in the towel and walk away or will you try again?   How many times will you keep trying before you finally give up?

Will you ever give up?

Imagine getting a flat while you’re out and about doing errands.   Inconvenient? Annoying? Does it fill you with frustration?   Sure, of course.   While maybe not the worst thing, it’s certainly nowhere near the ideal situation, right?

But what do you do next?

Most of us, believe it or not, will go to the remaining three tires and puncture those as well. Three perfectly good tires, still usable, we slash.   Slashing our tires in a fury or because we give up on hope.   We failed and label ourselves failures.

So you failed.   So you have a flat.   Don’t make it worse.    Make a good decision here.

Make a smart decision with what you do next.   I believe you are going to be absolutely amazing.. just don’t give up.



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