The heart of the matter

I had a post a while back, 42nd birthday, about my heart.  “Oh my heart…“.  I got a Polar Heart Rate Monitor, started to use it, got discouraged and finally stopped.

Well.  I started again.  Guess what?

I can run a 15.5 mile run with a consistent 143 BPM avg.   Pretty interesting and has definitely gotten me back on the heart-rate training wagon.   One of my friends expressed some interest about the heart-rate training by telling me that I’m getting faster.   Well, I actually am getting faster and yes!  YES!  Heart-rate training seems to be at the.. heart.. of it all.

See?  A heart-rate workout is a slow Zone 2 Anaeroabic workout.  You don’t even hit your lactate threshold – you just hang out at a very easy jog, keeping an eye on your heart-rate and keeping it below 60% of you rmax heart rate.   Now I’m still learning, so don’t ask me what your max heart rate is – DO check back as I might include this information in a later post as I learn it – but google it, check it out and compare notes with whatever I might say.

From what I understand, working out easy in a Zone 2 Anaerobic workout will actually help build the cardio-vascular system to deliver more oxygen to your muscles.   In addition to this, the slow-twitch fibers (Type I or endurance fibers) are primarily used in this kind of workout.   As a distance runner, this is precisely what we want.   Slow-twitch equals strength over time versus fast-twitch power bursts.

So my workouts have become intense.   I take Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays off (really intense, huh?) but Tuesday and Wednesday, I run a slow 15.5 mile run at zone 2 (143 or less BPM.). Saturday and Sunday I run to feel with a long road run with my marathon training group on Saturday and am UItra training group on Sunday, usually trails.   The idea here is to give my body maximum rest, maximum back-to-back long runs and maximum heart-rate training.   It seems to be working out pretty well.

Honestly, I’ve never felt better.

Today was an 18.39 miler.  Tomorrow – 26.5.   

I’m ready:)


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