Embrace it!

You’ve been doing it all your life.   Running, your profession, biking, hitting the gym.. whatever.. you’ve put your time in and you’re comfortable.  You know your way around. You know how to peak and how to taper.

But still you sign up for the races, the competitions, the ‘project’.   The distance or profile isn’t really relevant.  It doesn’t matter whether it’s fast or far, technical or generalized..

What really matters is.. do you fear it?   Could you fail?  Are you aware of failure and does that intimidate you?   Do you know the line between playing it smart and playing it scared? Are you scared to do the right thing by yourself?  Others?

Fear is meant to heighten our awareness and it does just that in many ways.   But somewhere along the way I assumed fear was meant to keep us safe.  We can’t always be safe.   When we want something and we have to go get it whether it’s some ridiculous distance or ridiculous pace, whether it means climbing out on a rock with no sides and only one way out, whether it means lifting more than we ever did or doing it more times than we ever did.. it doesn’t matter if we have to bleed, scream, curse and crawl.. feel the fear.

Because that’s your proof that you’re doing something right!   When you know the line between foolishness and fear, you can go right up to the edge of that line and smile because you’re terrified and THAT.. is when you find out who you are.

THAT is when you find the strength you never knew you had.  ONLY then can you understand what it means to push and fight and scrape and claw when all you really wanted to do was curl up and cry because you were so scared.

Because it’s ok to be afraid.   But that’s still no excuse to quit.

So quit thinking of fear as a warning system that will keep you safe and begin to wander beyond fear and through fear, into fear.. so that you can begin to achieve what cannot be done.


  1. What scares the hell out of you?
  2. What’s keeping you from doing it?
  3. Is that an excuse or a challenge?

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