Standing up to Cancer!

About a year ago, I heard about Stand up to Cancer for the first time from my cousin Nicci; a survivor.   The organization was involved in providing a support group and outlet in dealing with the overwhelming stress she and her family were going through.

My grandfather passed away from Cancer years ago; I still miss him.

My mother had breast cancer last year; she’s a survivor.

That’s why I support Stand up to Cancer on a monthly basis and that’s why I am going to try and raise money for them for as long as I can.   It’s personal.

To that end, I’m tentatively planning a run from Tucson to Phoenix sometime in early or mid-August to both raise awareness and to raise funds.   The trip is roughly 120 miles and can be done in slightly different routes that still need to be determined.   By asking for pledges (per mile) or flat-out donations as well as raffles, I think a $2000 goal would be difficult but possible – then again, I just might be under-estimating all of you.

My plan is to reach out to my friends and make sure we have a plan to “Crew” me so I’m not out there by myself.   In addition to this, I would like to reach out to “Alex’s Lemonade Stand”, the University of Arizona Cancer Center, The Arizona Diamondbacks and the Make a wish foundation.   Hopefully, I can garner enough support (and even other runners to run with me) as well as some positive media participation.   Last, it would be fantastic to also have the support of local, national or international businesses in sponsoring me in this endeavor.

Wish me luck, from Tucson AZ



One thought on “Standing up to Cancer!

  1. Changing the date to sometime in Winter; most likely around Christmas break. This will give me more time to organize, allow me to run in cooler weather and give me a chance to heal/train properly. SU2Cancer has a program which, if approved, would handle the portal through which I could raise money for the organization. This is a great tool and exactly what I’ve been looking for.

    I’ll keep you all posted and thanks so much for following along!

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