I get it (SU2C II)

Asking for money is never easy.  Sometimes, though, it’s easier than asking for time or materials.  And, I get that.   I understand and guess what?  I’m the same way.

When people ask for help, isn’t it almost always the first thing we think of; ‘Do I even have any cash on me?’.   And the game goes the other way too.  Sometimes people don’t ask for money, they ask for food or a ride and we compromise and give them money, or so they hope.. because it’s so much simpler and easier.

But I need help and while I won’t lie and say I don’t want your money (to go to SU2C as a donation), what I really want from this community are ideas, experience and know-how.

– How do I use a 120 mile run to Phoenix from Tucson to raise money for SU2C.  Not just pledges per mile, think bigger!

– How do I get the word out effectively and what is the order in which I secure the advertising?   Do I hand out fliers.. THEN.. approach local radio shows.. THEN.. television.. THEN.. book sponsors.. THEN.. politicians and celebrities.. THEN.. approach the Arizona Cardinals for a mention in the half time show (Dec 21st vs Seattle at Arizona)?   How does that work?  What pieces will rely on what pieces?   Is there a heirarchy?

– What does a presentation/request to a corporation or other would-be sponsor look like?   What do I offer them in return?

– Can you think of any way I can reach out to the ‘Cancer’ community to highlight and raise money simultaneously for individuals who are fighting for their lives right now?   For survivors or in memory of those who have already passed?

While this is all deeply emotional for me and personal insofar as several family members have died to cancer and there are some survivors as well – I think I’m going to need a strong and pragmatic approach to pulling this off and making it beneficial and successful.

Any and all help is appreciated – please share, far and wide!


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