What does it take?

What does it take?


Nothing happens until you start.  Until you get up in the morning and get your butt out the door to go run, workout, study or whatever it is you’re working on – it.. will.. not.. happen.. until you take action.  It.. cannot.. happen.. until you take action.   You must take action.


You need a plan.   A way to hold yourself accountable to a specific schedule.   A way to build tiny successes leading to larger successes because we all know; success breeds success.


You have to stick with it.   You can’t take a day off when you feel like it.   You have to have the attitude that you will not miss a day even if an alligator ate your leg.   Even if you have a runny nose.   You get to practice running when you [insert challenge/excuse here].   Honor your schedule and it will honor you!


Don’t give up.   Ok, so you actually had an alligator eat your leg and you missed a couple of days; don’t give up!   Get back in there and start over.   Plenty of people have run with only one leg; be one of them!   When you’re just not feeling it and it’s still early in the run – stick with it and finish.   You are worth it!


Sign up for a race.   Put your money where your mouth is and sign up.  Don’t rob yourself of that wonderful, nervous experience; cold, you have a bib number, hundreds of people around, they all look faster than you – every.. last.. one.. of them!   Butterflies!   It’s so awesome!  The gun goes off and.. you’ll never know what it feels like if you don’t pick a race and sign up.  Sign up!


Make friends.   Drag your family members.   Challenge each other, motivate each other, encourage each other, cheer each other on.   Cheer on strangers.  High-five people. Seriously, nothing feels better than making someone smile.


Recognize your accomplishments.   Reward yourself (not with bad food!).   Thank yourself for sticking in there.. ignore the voice that says you should have run the whole thing or that you should have been faster.


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