Today’s a good day to start!

The following is my format for a Couch-to-5k (C25k) beginners running program.   The reason to post it here is simple: just because you aren’t in Tucson, AZ and can’t attend my group meetings/runs, does NOT mean you can’t participate.  Follow along on my facebook group page, download the app, watch the videos and run where ever you are in the world.


Destination YOU! Couch-to-5k (C25K)

WEEK 1, DAY 1                                                       DATE:___________________


Welcome to the Destination YOU! Couch-to-5k (or C25K) beginner-runners group.  My name is Geoff, I’m your coach.  This program is designed to help you build up to and succeed at running a 5k, (that’s 3.1 miles).   My goal is to challenge you, inspire you and help you meet your own goals through this program, through our clinics and through our guest speakers.

We use the Active C25K app ( ), otherwise, pay attention to the Facebook page for your honor run information, motivations and general sharing and caring.

Once a week, we will meet right here at St. Philipps Plaza:, Wednesdays, 7pm.   Our target race is the TMC Get Moving 5k on October 29, 9am:

Walkers are welcome to join both the group and the “Meet me Wednesdays at St. Phillips Plaza” group.


Clinic: Warm-up Exercising

Leg Swings:

Guest Speaker: _________________________________________________________________

Workout:    Brisk 5-minute warm-up walk

Alternate 1 minute of jogging and 1 ½ minutes of walking for a total of 20 minutes.


That’s it.   If that is still too much, please feel free to walk as needed and remember to be kind to yourself, gentle and honest.

On a more Spartan note; if your goal is to follow this program and run the entire 5k come race day, it is absolutely necessary that you do your honor runs.   There are two runs during the week that you are responsible for.  If you DO miss an honor run, don’t quit.  Keep going.  Be better than you were yesterday.  Always improving, always forgiving, getting back up and trying again – every time.

Running “Virtually” anywhere:

This program is available to you wherever you are.  I will be posting each and every workout on the “Destination YOU!” facebook page (including the Honor runs you are responsible for), and you can follow along and participate, wherever you are in the world.   The race, too, is available to run virtually.  I’ll have more details on that as we go but I’m guessing you can pay the entrance fee and run the race on the honor system in your home town or on your travels, receiving the shirt and the finishers medal by mail – stand by for that information.

Let’s take a SELFIE!!


  1. The Running Shop at 3055 N. Campbell Ave – 10% off all non-sale merchandise
  2. Southern Arizona Road Runners –
  3. Fit by Linn –
  4. Tucson Runners Project
  5. “Meet Me Wednesdays” at St. Philipps Plaza

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