A day of firsts


First Day: “Destination YOU!” C25k

Last night, my little Couch-to-5k (C25k) beginner-running group kicked off and I thought I would give you a report on what it was like and how it went.    When I showed up, Steve was already there.  I saw him as I drove north across the bridge, standing on the Rillito river path looking around for any familiar faces.   I pulled in and honked the horn with a quick toot – he looked around but still didn’t see me.  I shouted out the now open door and he finally focused in on me and we hugged.   It’s great seeing good friends!

There were others in workout clothes standing by and I asked them if they were here for the “Destination YOU!” group.  (find us at Destination YOU!)   We introduced ourselves, and, as folks arrived, I began handing out Waiver/Release forms.   I gave a preview of what the format would look like, what each person needed to do in order to be successful, and a teaser for some of the guest speakers.  Following this, we took our Selfie before doing our first warm-up and beginning the workout. As we warm-up walked (5 minutes), I went from person to person trying to get a better idea of who they are, what their goals are and what their history with running has been so far.   We blew the whistle and jogged when we had to.  We blew the whistle again to start walking; the front of the group waiting for the rest to catch up.   The sun went down early in the workout and no-one (but Winston) had any lights – and I had led him to believe he wouldn’t need it.  (Ha! My bad, Winston!).

We had a great time, it was a really nice sized group and we actually got a decent workout on the first day.   Very proud of everyone!13921118_10154444088719116_8942064591889864286_n


First Virtual Runners and First International Runners

This program is designed to be done both at our location in Tucson, AZ as well as anywhere in the world – virtually!   Even the target race can be completed virtually (more on that later!).

One of our original members of the C25k group, “You are a Champion”, Ana (joined by her boyfriend, Robert) did the workout in Agua Prieta, Mexico.   This makes our group international and, so far as I know, the only Virtual runners to ever participate in “Destination YOU!” C25k training.

I really must also mention that Ana has been one of those members who finds a way to stay consistent with her training and participating in races – whenever she can.   With Robert, they have remained active throughout the training group, joining other training groups through “Red-White-Blue” (RWB), and even doing trail running and racing.   She’s also the first member to begin taking steps to lead a group herself, where she is in Mexico, for that local community.   It’s a wonderful thing to see someone go from learning to teaching, from receiving to giving back.


Ok!  I’ve procrastinated enough.  Time to go run.


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