Probably one of the greatest criticisms I level against myself, and high on the list of negative self-speak, is the idea that, ‘sure!  I may be a good starter, but I’m a lousy finisher!’.   This little ditty plays whenever I start any project, any endeavor, or begin working toward any goal – ‘you won’t finish as strong as you start!’.

In the endless pool of running and racing metaphors, finishing a race is one finish that I actually do better at than either the start of a race or the long middle-grind of a run.   When I see the finish line, and hear the music blasting, people cheering on both sides of me, I can kick and kick hard – sprinting where only minutes before, I was sucking wind and praying that the suffering would all be over soon.

Running is the ultimate training ground when it comes to matching what you say you will do – you’re expectations and intentions – with what you actually do.


You will fail as I fail in this training – but the only way around it is to identify what intentions you’ve made, what exactly do you want to do or be, and then do it, no matter what.   Look for the steps that will ultimately lead you to your goal and tackle them, one at a time, no excuses.

You have to Finish.


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