Friends who specialize

We don’t need to know everything to do a thing.  Something that consistently stymies my desire to do one thing or another is this idea that I don’t know how to do something that is an important part of the task I have set for myself.   I can’t create websites, I’m not good at finances, I am weaker than I would prefer when it comes to procedures and performing under pressure – thrown a wrench in the works and I might shut down completely.

But I’m not without my features either.   I’m really good at being with people, being genuinely interested in their personal experiences, listening to the stories that are their lives.   Also, I really geek out on helping out when I can, being sensitive to the needs of others and anticipating those needs.   My empathetic nature allows me to be my truest self when I’m encouraging, motivating, and generally bringing a little light to someone else’s day.

So when it comes to projects that don’t use those specific skill sets or, worse, require strengths in the skill sets where I struggle, my friends step up – they are there and they are good at what they do.   Best of all, they can do the things I can’t do just as surely as I can do some things they can’t do.

My success in life will be measured by how willing I was to accept the help of my social network.   I can’t do it alone – none of us can.   And for that I’m grateful – my friends!


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