Up 11, twenty-six to go!


191/165 – Aug 15, 2016

Weight loss is such a personal thing.   We can get pulled in so many different directions, justifying our current situations either way; bowing, flexing or even breaking under the societal pressures that create our unrealistic ‘ideal’ weight.   We vacillate between wanting to just relax already – what is life if we aren’t enjoying ourselves? – and being unhappy when a pant-size goes up.   I don’t know about you, but I LOVE food and I LOVE eating – even when I’m not hungry.   It just makes me feel good.

Then there’s the blame game.  ‘It’s genetic’ or ‘it isn’t genetic’!   ‘It’s carbs!’ or ‘It’s calories!’.   Often, we know what works for us – at least, I know what works – but damned if I can’t bring myself to cut out the quantities I love and the sugars and carbs that I love. Yes! I’m looking at you pizza, french-toast (with syrup, of course), coffee with sweetener! For me, a strict diet of no sugar and no grains gets my body to dump weight pretty quickly – over a two or three month period.

But.. I.. just.. can’t.. UGH!

This summer has been filled with vacations and birthdays with all of the incumbent vacation foods and birthday treats.   Who wants to eat roughage, or stay on a diet while on vacation, and yet, that’s exactly what is needed.    Holidays?   Find a way to stay on task! What if someone gives you something that isn’t on the ‘menu’? – isn’t it rude to say no? I suppose it could be, even unavoidable, but is avoiding social awkwardness more of a priority than putting yourself first?  In those wee small moments, you still have to decide whether accepting that doughnut or cookie is more important to you than keeping your streak alive.  Besides, while it might be annoying even when you aren’t trying to be annoying about it, most people WILL understand AND may even secretly admire the example you set.   As you go through possible scenarios, questioning how realistic it is to stick to your guns, it occurs to me that you don’t get to sabotage your weight-loss goals for any reason – if weight loss is your ultimate goal.

So here goes.    At my lowest weight, I was 167.   Two pounds off of my super-bowl goal of losing weight.. so close.   I’m all the way back up to 191 from a long-time weight of 180, and I can feel it.   I really love food, but this is the year I qualify for Boston and I’ll need to leverage every advantage I can to reach this ultimate goal – that includes being 165.

  • no grains
  • no sugar
  • no alcohol

Wish me luck and good luck to you whatever you decide!   Please refer to the FAQ section of /r/loseit for questions, tips and advice if you undertake a similar weight-loss goal or related issue.   Please be safe, above everything else.

Please let me know about your own weight loss journey, your thoughts, where you may disagree with me on any of this or where you agree.   I really truly want to hear from you.




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