Saying “YES!”

say yesPushing, improving, saying “yes” even when you don’t know how, or if.

It’s all very terrifying to realize what can happen on the other side of possibilities.   I can either psych myself out and not do a thing, or I can psych myself out and do the thing – whatever I decide to do and however I justify my decisions, the thing will either get done, or it won’t.

This morning, my coach Robert Scribner, wanted me to run 9 miles and, in the last mile, go around 90% effort (almost a sprint) for 10 seconds; let the heart-rate come back down and do it again.. and again.. and again.. all the way home.   When I started my run this morning, I was aware that this was on my plate and it scared me a little bit.  It’s hard to run, and it’s hard to get started.   Every first-mile feels horrible for me and then somewhere between one and two it starts to feel just o.k.   Still, the entire run I kept coming back to ‘how was I going to do this workout at the end of an already challenging run?’.  I psyched myself out, but I did it, and it actually was fun.

We can do amazing things, but we aren’t willing to be uncomfortable doing them.  We aren’t willing to be uncomfortable in all the preliminary steps leading up to achieving the big goal.   We listen to our negative self-speak that says ‘no no no’ and it seems so few of us can consistently claim (myself most of all) that there is ever an answering voice of rebuttal that emphatically says, ‘yes yes yes’!

But when you begin to think this way – listen up – when you start to think about what you might be saying ‘no’ to in your life whether it be ‘can I get in shape’ (, or ‘can I get a graduate degree’ (, or ‘can I marry the guy or girl of my dreams’ ( no no).. And don’t you dare stop with these three little examples I’ve given you – stop thinking about them – what do YOU say no to and how are you cutting off your own future because of fear? When you begin to hear the subtle ‘no’ – only then can you begin to say, “Hold on!   Wait.. that is NOT my final answer!”

I’m going to say ‘yes’ this time.   Let’s do this!




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