Running the wrong way. Pt 2

Yesterday, we talked about walking and running against the flow of traffic.   This is all about keeping the power and decision making abilities we each own, firmly within our own grasps and not handing it over to strangers.

When you go along with traffic, when you take the easy way out, you cannot see what’s coming up behind you and so, you won’t be able to react to it.  Could it also be that, in life, taking the easy path will lead to missed opportunities that we couldn’t see because we were facing the wrong direction?   While you’re looking at what everyone else is looking at, the opportunity to do something different and look forward goes by unnoticed, and the opportunity to take your life in a new and exciting direction goes right along with it.

Instead, and I do this too – don’t think I’m not including myself but this is the road I’m on too and I’m working at it – but instead of facing forward and looking into what’s ahead and what’s coming toward us, instead of looking to the future – we see opportunities and ‘what-might-have-beens’ only AFTER they’ve already gone by.   ‘If I knew this was going to be what my life was like, I would have worked harder in school!’.   ‘If I knew they were going to do this, I could have done that!’, or ‘I wouldn’t have wasted so much time, if I had known that’s how things were going to play out’.  Oh the many, ‘what-might-have-beens’!

You see?  We have the luxury of being able to look backward with close to 20/20 accuracy.   We can look back and see all the moving parts.  We can see how everything fell out and we know how the story went.   We can see all the actors, we can figure out the motives, make a timeline and create power-points – because we’re looking at the past.   It’s scary to look forward because we want to super-impose the same accuracy all the time, no matter which way we decide to look, and that doesn’t work looking forward.   We can only guess.

It’s weird, but we flip the script when we keep looking at the past.   It’s like we’re walking backwards or looking out the back window of the car on a family vacation and seeing everything as it recedes into the horizon behind us.. but, the future is coming fast behind us..and we can’t even see it.

We need to turn around.   We need to face oncoming traffic.   We need to go against the flow – facing forward and looking to the future and changing what we can change today.


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