This past week, I took on a couple of challenges.  Not the “22 day push-up challenge” variety – although that wouldn’t hurt my fitness at all.  No, not that.   Instead, I cut three things from my diet; alcohol (broke that streak on Friday), Sugar/Sweets (also Friday) and blogging once/day (this one is still going strong).   I want to lose weight, get in the habit of eating consciously and get in the habit of writing down some of my thoughts and observations every morning; journaling.

Every Monday – I plan on stepping on the scale and seeing where I’m at.  This will be a feature of my Monday blog; my weight, my weekly recap, my challenges, my failures and how I can improve.

People, and especially people in the U.S., don’t seem to realize how overweight we are, as a nation.  By comparison to most other Americans, I’m actually quite fit and quite thin – but Americans are a poor standard when it comes to weight and Body Mass Index (BMI).   If I weighed 165 – 175 lbs (74-79 kg), that would put me in a healthy weight/BMI range.  Instead, when I’ve been in that range, I’ve had friends who get offended or concerned – “are you feeling well?” or “you just look unhealthy”.   My running buddy today, Tom G., told me that looking back at photos from a time where he lost a bunch of weight fairly quickly, others expressed that same worry over his weight loss.  But he found the opposite to be true – he looked awesome at that ’emaciated’ weight!  Healthy even.

A lot of people struggle with this kind of thing and it’s super easy to get offended by a piece like this.   All I can say to that is, stay true to you, and I’ll stay true to me.   This isn’t a competition, it’s not a mockery or a put-down, nor am I judging you. I have some pretty specific goals in mind and being at an ideal weight will help me achieve those goals

It’s estimated that each pound lost will increase your speed by two seconds per mile. That’s huge!   Imagine if I were to lose twenty-five pounds (190 – 25 = 165)!  That would be 50 seconds per mile!   Almost a minute a mile faster – wow!   Over 26 miles, that could translate to the BQ I’ve been working toward; the whole reason I hired a coach, it’s been my SUPER BOWL goal of four years now and, including the many ultras I’ve run so far – it would be the crown jewel of my running accomplishments!   To run Boston.

It won’t be easy – but it will be worth it!


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