the mundane

Weight: 185/191 (- 6 lbs), Goal: 165 (-20 lbs to go)

Running: 8/16 – 8/21 = ~54 miles

My interests and internet searches almost always gravitate to the motivational and inspirational.   I consume the soul-stirring words and images with zest, always ready afterwards to run out my front door and pound out a marathon or sign up for medical school.. to change the world in an instant.   It would only be fair to admit that despite my failure to do any of these grand things, such motivations actualy can fuel me to do something. Reading a strong message about ‘going after your goals no matter what’ might, at least, propel me out the door for my daily run.   They are not completely worthless. However, they are not completely reliable either.

Also, it is good, I think, to get fired up from time to time.  Sometimes great victories can result from strong, instantaneous action – but that is not where most battles are fought and that is not where most battles are won.   Having goals, committing to a race through registration, having like-minded friends to keep you on track; these are all important ways we can layer our motivations and accountability and so, increase our chances of sticking with it – eventually, achieving what we set out to do.  But it is in the mundane where we will struggle most.

The excitement has died down, the hot words of inspiration have cooled to insignificance in our memories, and all the temptations that we were so impervious to not so long ago stand arrayed against us.   For me; sweeteners, grains, alcohol.   The house is quiet – ‘no one would know if I had some honey in my tea.  Besides, one small spoon of honey won’t make any difference, right?’   Or, ‘I can have one beer – just one wouldn’t ruin anything’. It is in these moments where ‘it doesn’t matter’ that true strength will be required.

It is in the seemingly mundane, that I have to stay true, and for me, that is the hardest thing to do.


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