Failing and falling

It’s not that you can’t have doubts or be afraid of trying to do something.   It’s not like you can’t make an attempt and get crushed in making that attempt – you can, and you do.  You will get crushed – especially when you’re new to whatever it is that you’re trying to do.   Babies take a little time before they can build up to the point where they can walk, much less, run.  And then, Watch Out! – they’re off all over the place.   But it takes time and if they were self-conscious about it, they would probably quit because they look so silly, so shaky.   They just aren’t as strong or ‘there is something inherently unique about their situation that is preventing them from standing, much less, walking or running’. Their little wobbly legs make something that should be ‘easy’ look so hard.


Babies Sitting, Crawling, and Walking

But by failing over and over again, and falling and getting back up, over and over and over again – and that’s the key right there – getting.. back.. up.. helps a baby develop the strength and the muscle to stay up, eventually.   Literally, failure is what builds the strength to succeed.

But if you aren’t going to keep trying and if you aren’t going to take the lessons of those failures and turn them into strength building exercises – then when you fail and when you fall, you will stay down.  Those muscles will never develop. You won’t ever reach the point where you can get up, and confidently stay up.

Try again.   Keep trying.  Enjoy the failure – it’s just another exercise to make you strong enough to succeed.


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