Start your day out right!


At the invocation for the University of Texas, Austin graduating class by Admiral McRaven – he shared that even the simple task of making your bed first thing, as mundane as it seems, will allow you to start your day with accomplishment.   Having the “Win” under your belt can go a long way in helping you meet other challenges throughout the day with a positive attitude.

Working out is like that too – as so many of you know.

There are thousands of reasons to workout, and each of them are personal to each individual, but the one that comes readily to my mind, as a morning runner, is that getting my run in first thing allows me to face the rest of the day knowing that whatever else happens, I had a success today.  I accomplished something. I did something challenging and overcame all the excuses and obstacles to get my workout done, and that’s something I can either build on or fall-back on if the rest of the day doesn’t go as planned.

This is one small way to start a streak, stack success and set myself up to win at life.


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