Inspiring you, Inspiring me



‘How could I not go out and do my scheduled run this morning?’  Andrew did it.  Ana, Amy, Chelsea, Steve.. they all did their runs.

‘How could I quit now?’  The girl that passed me isn’t quitting, she’s pulling away – which is fine – but damned if she didn’t stop.  I can’t stop either.

Sure!  They didn’t leave out the part where it sucked, but they did it.  Somehow, they found a way to lean into it and get the workout done.  They put it in the rear-view mirror.  Maybe they don’t even know how – sometimes I don’t know how I got something done.  It’s that hard, sometimes.  Harder, sometimes, and easier..

This is my community.  It’s healthy here and motivating.  It’s inspiring and I feel accountable to my friends.

They get inspired and do something.

There are others in their lives, on social media and even in the neighborhoods – perfect strangers who see them doing it and they get inspired and they do something.

And when someone that is doing something sees someone else start to do something – well, they get inspired all over again.

We may not always be inspired, but if we keep inspiring others by doing something – I promise you, it will come back to you in time.


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