Running in the Rain


It really is just one more thing that can weigh on our morning-minds as the alarm goes off for the third time.   Maybe we didn’t sleep so well with all the thundering and crashing, the heavy drops landing sharply on air-ducts, or maybe we slept really well, the rain burying our consciousness beneath a thick blanket of white noise.   It’s raining, but we have a run to do.

The subconscious, or semi-conscious, procrastination tries to pull us into a seat, or tries to keep us there, in bed, making deals and driving bargains.   We think about the chill precipitation dousing our bodies and we shudder to think that normally, where we run through rain to get safely from one dry spot to another, this time we’re just going to stay out there, under the flood.   As we sit contemplating, our joints and muscles relax in the most delicious ways, a feeling that can only to be outdone by climbing back into a safe bed; warm and dry.

Somehow we’ve managed to lace up our shoes and drag ourselves to the door.   It creaks and groans in discordant protest as swollen wood gives way to swollen wood.   The cool air washes over us and we step into it.    We briefly try to decide if it isn’t too late to just turn around and make an excuse, but we’ve come so far and all that is required now is a single step into the void.

We step out.

The first drops hit us and, with the shock, a subtle change in attitude begins to take shape. The initial jolt wears off quickly; gone is the trepidation and our hearts have truly stirred for the first time today.  It’s all business now and a tiny smirk plays across our face – we are going running in the rain, and it’s going to be great.




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