I should, I should, I should

There are so many ‘shoulds’ in my life. Too many, and yet, I don’t mark them off fast enough, if at all.   I should find a better job, I should work on my résumé, I should get that painting done, I should pick the weeds out of the backyard.  I should, I should, I should.  

As much as I have to do, and somehow I’m always too busy doing something else.  Fact is, I have more time than I want to admit.  I waste a lot of time.  I should do more after work.  I should get more done before I go to work. 

But there is one ‘should’ that I’m fairly religious about and that’s Running.  I can stick to a schedule, I can run with friends, and I can have goals I’m willing to work hard toward. And I do.  

At least there’s that.  


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