My friends and my support group – they are so different now.  Before, when I ate Jack in the Box everyday, smoked a pack a day and thought exercise was for people who had it all figured out – you know? Everyone but me! – my friends were just like me, or at least, very close. 

When I ran a new years 5k and talked to a (now) friend of mine named Carol about my friends not joining me in running, she said it was time to find new friends.  So, I did. 

Now, instead of being surrounded by people who are all desperately trying to please no one outwardly and working hard at squeezing the least bit of discomfort from life no matter the cost; I’m surrounded by people who encourage me to step out, say unpopular things, own myself and push my limits.  

They too are pushing the boundaries of the possible and I see them and it inspires me to push my own boundaries – so, I do that.  And I learn something and they love it and get excited and go do something amazing and they tell me how they were able to get it done and I’m amazed.   It feels so good to see people I care about doing amazing things I know they wouldn’t have tried years before…. So, I go and try things that scare the hell out if me. 

And we flit and float and fly upward in an encouraging spiral of love and happiness and fulfillment. 

My friends. 


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